Allen TX is just north of Dallas in Collin County. According to one top travel site, there are almost 50 major attractions or places of interest in the city. If you have yet to discover some of them, what are you waiting for? Maybe you just made it to Allen, and you’re still getting familiar, or perhaps you’re on vacation. You might want to add these four things to do to your list.

A visit to the Allen Event Center would be fun. This is the #1 attraction in the city, and it’s all about entertainment. For the most part, people go here to see hockey games, but there are also other events held there. For example, one review talks about a wrestling tournament. Another review even talks about a job fair. If you’re on vacation, you’re not interested in a job fair, but it could help you out as a local. Either way, you might want to check the event schedule for Allen Event Center to see what’s up.

It’s interesting to see Eagle Stadium listed as one of the top attractions because it is for high school football. But you’re talking about Texas, and Texans are very serious about their football, no matter the level. It would be a lot of fun, but it just surprised me to see it listed as a travel attraction. Then there is Allen’s Community Theater. It is located at 1210 East Main Street, and there are some great shows put on there.

If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon and a couple of brews, you might want to stop by Nine Band Brewery. This brewery is located at 9 Prestige Circle, and people say that the tour is fun. You might not see any food trucks in the area. That’s the only downside. Usually there are food trucks by breweries at least, but reviews point to the fact that the city is keeping Nine Band Brewery from being able to have those accommodations for visitors.

This last attraction is really neat. You’ve heard of mom and pop shops of course, and the name of this place is called Mom and Popcorn. You might think this store is all about popcorn, but they have a lot more than that. It is a great candy store to visit, and they sell fudge, too. The Mom and Popcorn is located at 215 East Louisiana Street.

You’ve got a few event venues, a candy shop and a brewery to visit as you travel around Allen, Texas. That’s a rather diverse short list of places to enjoy. If it were me, I might have to hit the candy shop first. What about you?